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CleanNew Higienização e Blindagem de Estofados

Since 2014 CleanNew came out in order to create a new concept of hygiene and shielding for upholstered furniture. We created a service that increases up to three times the furniture's utility life, always preserving the factory color and their original features. Using high quality raw materials in the most modern area of the textile industry, we developed with the chemical industry our own Nanotechnology system also called ‘Upholstery Shielding’.

Due to the constant success and growth, CleanNew has improved their services and has invested in technology so hygiene and armouring can be transported on vessels, aircrafts and others. These facts made CleanNew become a huge market reference that was recognized in 2015 by SEBRAE/Brazilian Company’s Institution as a Successful Case. Recently we started our international expansion and arrived at Argentina, Colombia and USA. Currently, the company has 27 franchises in Brazil and in these 3 countries. We also expect to arrive in Africa and Europe in the first half of 2019.


To act as a company in charge of providing services of quality, always aiming to meet the needs of our customers, based on trust, respect, attention and polite.


To be the reference and number one company in the dry cleaning and upholstery shielding market.


  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Politeness
  • Etic
  • Customer care


Blindagem de estofados

Be surprised with CleanNew Shielding

CleanNew developed a unique fabric Shielding system which increases the upholstery's durability by up to three times.

We are able to exclusively manufacture a product that preserves the original factory features without changing the texture and color using high-quality raw materials with the most modern gadgets in the textile industry.

Higienização de estofados

Keep your couch always sanitized

To sanitize your upholstery it goes beyond the worry aesthetics. The accumulation of particles, besides damaging the beauty of a furniture, can interfere with the health of your family.

We use a powerful bactericidal formula in our products composition that will eliminate almost 90% of causative agents of the allergic processes, besides revitalizing the factory.

Higienização de colchão

Learn How Important Hygienization is for your mattress

Did you know that your mattress accumulates about 1.5 million mites per year?

We are very worried with our customers health and well-being so we developed an exclusive Mattress Deep Hygienization System that can exterminate fungi, bacteria and mite DNA through Oxi Sanitization with Nano UV, a high frequency germicidal lamp, which remove these agents from the mattress.


  • Does not leave toxic wastes;
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors;
  • Has bactericidal activity;
  • Has fungicidal activity;
  • Has acaricidal activity;
  • Proven efficiency.
Revitalização estofados de couro

Let’s understand why leather upholstery revitalization and hydration are so important

Every leather furniture needs periodic care because it suffers constant aggressions that can damage the factory fibers, which also may cause dryness and irreversible cracks. Our moisturizing process reaches deeply in the fabric, revitalizes the leather and keeps the appearance of new for much longer.


  • Do not use body oils;
  • Do not wash with water and soap;
  • Do not use alcohol for cleaning;
  • Hydrate the furniture every 6 months with a specialized company.
Lavagem de pisos

CleanNew restores life to your outside area

Our exterior floor washing process does not damage surfaces, and it also excludes the use of solvent and acid materials for deeper cleaning.


  • Fast and practical;
  • No need of work;
  • No need of paying for changing the floor;
  • Removes stains;
  • Revitalizes;
  • Does not damage coating.
Higienização e Revitalização de Estofados para veículos

The care your car needs no matter
where you are

You no longer have to blame yourself for lack of time to in giving special attention to your car's upholstery. CleanNew takes care of that for you. We offer Upholstery Cleaning and Revitalization services; Protecting, Revitalizing and Hydrating leather, wherever you are. Whether in the comfort of your home, or in the parking lot where work.

Revitalização de estofados de aeronaves

Your aircraft also deserves special care

Luxury, refinement and conservation of upholstery and carpets.

CleanNew has expertise in revitalizing and moisturizing the leather of your aircraft upholstery.

Blindagem em tecidos náuticos

Understand the importance of maintaining the upholstery of your vessel.

In order to ensure that upholstery always remains new, it is important to carry out our exclusive nautical fabrics shielding process.

It is the protection you need, with the practicality of cleaning needed for your comfort.

Security: We have the most modern nautical fabric shielding system, with new techniques based on nanotechnology. Protection and care with your upholstery, without changing texture and color.


  • Avoids stains created by liquids;
  • Delays furniture fading;
  • Eliminates and fights against mites proliferation;
  • Does not permit fungi and mites to show up quickly.

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